South African Car Import Agency

South African Car Import Agency has been dealing with imported cars from all over the world for over 10yrs. We source, supply and deliver a wide range of classic and collectible vehicles . Whatever your vehicle requirement, if it is out there we will source it and make it yours.

With years of experience dealing in both the United Kingdom and American vehicle industry, our honest straightforward approach to delivering exclusive cars has ensured 100% customer satisfaction across South Africa.

Our customers travel from all over the country to find their dream cars. So if you are looking for your dream car, we will find it for you. We are in the business of making dreams a reality, whatever shape or form of four wheeled vehicle that may take we will make your dream come true.


All our vehicles are handpicked and are all sourced from reputable dealers to ensure quality and guarantee piece of mind.

Give us a call and make your dream a reality and contact Tyron today.